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Kaya Cashmere,located in Inner Mongolia China, is a manufacture of cashmere sweaters and accessories with a fully vertical production operation including dyeing ,spinning, knitting,weaving and finishiing,with a capacity of 400 thousand pieces  of cashmere sweaters, 1 million pieces of woven cashmere scarves annually.

At Kaya Cashmere , we take great pride in our cashmere products. While the luxurious cashmere products cannot be made without sourcing the finest cashmere materials, we believe it is equally important to source the most experienced and knowledgeable people to carry out that work and consequently we have taken great care to recruit the very experienced people to join Kaya Cashmere team. Our colleagues are chosen for their knowledge, experience and passion for making the unique quality cashmere accessories.

Exquisite cashmere sweaters,scarves  and throws  can only be produced through painstaking processing steps and attention  to details, We rely on our carefully selected staff, who make sure that our cashmere is expertly sourced from the right regions, and then carefully follow it through hand sorting, scouring, dehairing, dyeing, spinning weaving and finishing against the extremely strict quality control standards.In addition, the working conditions and factory environment have passed the most strict compliance inspection of Wrap.Our philosophy is excellency and our goal  is as always the best,not the biggest in the cashmere world.

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    Address:China·Textile Industry Zone,

    Bin he District,Baotou,Inner Mongolia

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